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Loc Care Guide

You have chosen a hair style that takes a lot of time and a tremendous amount of patience. It usually takes 4-6 months for hair to fully loc. This is depending on your hair texture: the tighter the nap/curl/kink, the quicker the process! However, if your hair s straight or has a loose curl, it could take 6 months to a year to loc. During these first months, your hair will not be as neat as you are probably used to it being, this is where your patience will be needed. In the meantime, you will need to come in for weekly or biweekly touchups. This is when your scalp is cleansed and the new-growth is retwisted. It will not look like it did when you first got it coiled, but again, be patient because day by day, your hair will slowly develop into a full mane of lovely locs!!


  1. Tie your hair down every night.
  2. Spray oil sheen twice a day.
  3. Apply tea tree oil if you have an overly dry, itchy scalp.
  4. Wash your head scarf weekly to avoid an odor.


  1. Make a habit of twisting your head; this can cause breakage.
  2. Excessive scratching will cause flake ups & frizzing.
  3. Compare your hair to everyone else. You are now truly a unique individual! No two manes of locs are identical!